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The Good It Promises, the Harm It Does

The cover of The Good it Promises, The Harm it Does depicting the silhouette of a calf in a field.

This book is the first collection of essays that critically engage with the philosophy and politics of Effective Altruism. The volume brings together diverse responses from activists and scholars, inviting a nuanced set of perspectives on the Effective Altruism movement

These contributions reveal the pitfalls of an adoption of Effective Altruism that fails to address the nuances of local social, cultural and political contexts.

Publishers description

The Good It Promises, the Harm It Does is the first edited volume to critically engage with Effective Altruism. It brings together writers from diverse activist and scholarly backgrounds to explore a variety of unique grassroots movements and community organizing efforts. By drawing attention to these responses and to particular cases of human and animal harms, this book represents a powerful call to attend to different voices and projects and to elevate activist traditions that Effective Altruism lacks the resources to assess and threatens to squelch. The contributors reveal the weakness inherent within the ready-made, top-down solutions that Effective Altruism offers in response to many global problems-and offers in their place substantial descriptions of more meaningful and just social engagement.

Read more here. Or for a different view on animal welfare, read our explainer.

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