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Food, scarcity and abundance

Louise Fresco provides an overview of historical and future food security trends in her speech at the 200th commemorative meeting of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry entitled Food, scarcity and abundance.

Louise Fresco is an advisor on sustainability.  In her talk she argues that food should be considered of as a topic of equal social, economic and strategic importance as oil. Fresco argues that social unrest is made worse by hunger, poverty, environmental problems – and modernization. Responsible agriculture ‘provides the livelihood for every civilization’ but she adds that mere food aid is not a solution to world hunger. She hopes that smart, local solutions to food production will improve war-torn areas and ease the pressures of regulations on production.

The 5-page summary of the speech is available here

To hear Louise Fresco’s TED talk on the topic feeding the world you can follow this link

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