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Food and sustainability

The book “Food and sustainability”, edited by Paul Behrens, Thijs Bosker and David Ehrhardt, is a textbook that addresses food sustainability from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Publisher’s summary

Food and Sustainability is the first text on this topic to consistently and coherently bring together important concepts from different disciplines to introduce students to a common challenge: food sustainability.

The book explores the issues related to our growing demand for food from the perspectives of disciplines ranging from environmental and social sciences, to public health. It examines food as a point of convergence across these disciplines, illustrating the need for a transdisciplinary approach to understand common challenges and opportunities in food systems.

The issues discussed are exemplified in several case studies for each chapter, which provide a direct avenue for students to apply the principles and theories set out in each chapter to real-world problems. In addition, 'Food controversy' panels highlight how there is very often no one right answer to the problems being faced, and how different viewpoints and perspectives need to be weighed up alongside each other to come to workable resolutions.

The book is augmented by a range of online resources, which include:

For students:

  • Hyperlinks to extended research readings
  • Practice quizzes to support independent study
  • Answers to in-text questions.

For instructors:

  • Downloadable (PowerPoint) figures from the book
  • Answer sheets to the end of chapter questions
  • Suggested exam questions.



Behrens, P., Bosker, T. and Ehrhardt, D., 2019. Food and sustainability. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

For more details, see here. See also the Foodsource building block What are food systems?

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22 Oct 2018
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