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Food and agriculture in the carbon budget and COP21 agreement- Carbon Brief guest post by Tim Benton and Bojana Bajželj

In a guest post for Carbon brief University of Leeds professor of population ecology and FCRN advisory board member Tim Benton and Dr Bojana Bajželj of WRAP conclude that food related emissions will take up our entire carbon budget by 2050 if we don’t change our diets and the way our food is produced, so destroying any chance of meeting the raised ambition of the Paris Agreement.

They highlight that the agri-food system already accounts for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and that the sector was largely ignored when the agreement to work towards a 1.5C target was made.

The authors examine the consequences for global emissions and options for reducing them set against a growing world population, decreasing crop yields and concomitant change of land use, resulting in loss of carbon sinks.

Read the post here and see coverage by Global Food Security programme here.  

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