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First 4 per 1000 Africa symposium - report

The symposium highlighted the following key issues:

  1. There is a large gap between scientific research and civil society regarding sustainable soil management.
  2. African initiatives on climate change adaptation, land restoration, food security improvement and rural development should be coordinated for better efficiency.
  3. Africa has a unique opportunity to contribute to international climate change mitigation efforts as part of the solution through land restoration and carbon sequestration in soils and biomass.
  4. Discussions around soil carbon sequestration and soil health management need to highlight the connection to the water cycle and human health.
  5. Peatland protection requires support via international mechanisms.

Read the full report, First 4 per 1000 Africa Symposium 24 to 26 October 2018 - Report and outcomes, here. See also the Foodsource resource How do food systems affect land-use and biodiversity?

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