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FAO launches overview of food security in Asia and the Pacific

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) has published a report titled, ‘Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition,’ focused on Asia and the Pacific. Key messages from the report highlight that the fight against hunger is slowing, but malnutrition and stunting among children below the age of five remains high.

Other key messages from the report highlight that although more people in Asia and the Pacific region are moving towards healthier diets, on average the consumption of foods considered unhealthy is also on the rise. Furthermore, they call for improving smallholder farmers’ access to markets and livelihoods through support for farmer organizations, rural infrastructure investment and improved rural financial markets. The report ends with a chapter dedicated to reducing food loss and waste, which it frames as a ‘triple win – for food security, higher farm income and the environment’.

You can find the report here (pdf) and the press release by the FAO here.

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