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Entomics: Cambridge-based start-up turning food waste into biofuel with the help of Black Soldier Flies

The Cambridge News reports on a recent start-up called Entomics, who are researching and developing the use of Black Soldier Fly larvae as a means of converting food waste into compounds that can be extracted and turned into more useful products.

These products include biofuels, nutritional supplements for animal feed, biopesticides and fertiliser. The start-up is currently at the stage of developing and refining the process, based at NIAB, but has already gained some influential partners, including Sainsbury’s (with a Cambridge city centre store providing food waste for the research). The group plans to refine the process then commercialise it, with the aim of applying the process at a municipal waste level.

Read the news article here, see this video in which the founders discuss their work, or visit the company’s website here:

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