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Dairy Cattle Welfare in Practice

Dairy Cattle Welfare in Practice

Focusing on dairy cattle, this book explains the factors contributing to animal welfare, makes the business case for improving welfare, and sets out case studies linking welfare to increased productivity.

Publisher’s summary

Dairy Cattle Welfare in Practice takes a very practical approach, first outlining what welfare is, using the Five Freedoms as a baseline before making the business case for good welfare. It demonstrates how poor welfare can lead to economic losses and using case studies to show how welfare improvements have led to increased productivity. Assessing animal welfare on the farm is also covered and practical strategies for improving welfare on the farm are provided.



Mainau, E., Temple, D., Llonch, O and Manteca, X. (2022). Dairy Cattle Welfare in Practice. 5m Books, Great Easton.


Read more here. See also the TABLE explainer What is animal welfare?


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