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COP28 UAE Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems, and Climate Action

Photo of United Nations and member state flags. Photo by Xabi Oregi via Pexels.

The importance of addressing agriculture and food systems to achieve SDG goals for 2030 was highlighted at COP28. 159 Heads of State and Government signed a declaration which was published during COP28 in December of 2023.

159 Heads of State and Governments signed a declaration at COP28 on the importance of addressing agriculture and food systems to achieve UN 2030 SDGs and the Paris Agreement and pledged to pursue five major goals. These include: 

  1. Scale-up adaptation and resilience
  2. Promote food security and nutrition
  3. Support diverse workers in agri-food sectors
  4. Strengthen water management within agriculture and the food system
  5. Maximise environmental and climate benefits whilst reducing harmful impacts of agriculture and food systems 

The declaration demonstrates a written commitment by member states to recognise food systems and agriculture across climate change related policy and investment with stated intentions of review at COP29.


Read the full brief here and check out recordings from TABLE's event series on COP28 here.

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