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Controlled release fertilisers for sustainable agriculture

Controlled release fertilisers for sustainable agriculture

This book (publication date 30 October 2020), presents interdisciplinary insights on the controlled release of fertilisers, including chapters from researchers in the fields of agriculture, polymer science, and nanotechnology.

Publisher’s summary

Controlled Release Fertilisers for Sustainable Agriculture provides a comprehensive examination of precision fertiliser applications using the 4-R approach—the right amount of fertiliser at the right time to the right plant at the correct stage of plant growth. This volume consolidates detailed information on each aspect of controlled release fertilisers, including up-to-date literature citations, the current market for controlled release fertilisers and patents. Presenting the tremendous advances in experimental and theoretical studies on sustainable agriculture and related areas, this book provides in-depth insight into state-of-the-art controlled release mechanisms of fertilisers, techniques, and their use in sustainable agriculture.

Conventional release mechanisms have historically meant waste of fertilisers and the adverse effects of that waste on the environment. Controlled release delivery makes significant strides in enhancing fertiliser benefit to the target plant, while protecting the surrounding environment and increasing sustainability.



Lewu, F. B., Volova, T., Thomas, S. and Rakhimol, R.K. (eds.)(2020). Controlled Release Fertilisers for Sustainable Agriculture. Academic Press, Cambridge.

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