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Conference outcomes: Mega trends in livestock production -The state of animal agriculture 2025–2050

This event, hosted by Zoetis, the largest animal health provider in the world and entitled ‘Mega trends in livestock production: The state of animal agriculture 2025–2050′ focused on livestock production in a global perspective.

The event hosted a keynote presentation by director general of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Jimmy Smith on the 'Evolution of animal production in emerging markets: China, Russia, India, Brazil, Africa'. He discussed major drivers of change - rising human populations, per capita GDP and urbanization. He highlighted the very rapid increase in consumption and production of livestock particularly in the developing world.  Smith argued that mixed crop-and-livestock farmers are not only the backbone of developing-world food production today but also offer the biggest opportunities for sustainably feeding the world’s growing population over the coming decades.

Read more about the conference and see ILRI's full presentation here. ILRI has also published a blog about Smith's contribution in the conference here.

We have gathered resources on livestock and future projections of demand here. You can also search for resources related to 'global livestock trends' on our website.

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