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Climate change seen as major threat to agricultural exports from Uganda and Peru

In a survey carried out by the International Trade Centre, ITC exporters reveal widespread concerns about reduced competitiveness due to climate change. Based on surveys of exporting firms in both Peru and Uganda, the new publication, Climate Change and the Agri-Food Trade: Perceptions of Exporters in Peru and Uganda, identifies threats arising from climate change and seeks to develop solutions to help the agriculture sector adapt.  The publication concludes that climate change makes existing challenges in the agri-food sector even more difficult to overcome, and argues that it is already having a highly negative impact on competitiveness.

The exporters call on their governments to integrate climate change into long-term, sector-specific policies and investment strategies. Some of the study’s recommendations are: establish an international climate platform to share best practices and reliable climate information; create targeted training in climate-smart agriculture and sustainable certification; ensure financing for sustainable practices and infrastructure and finally; create better public-private networks and partnerships to attract support to manage climate risks.

Read more here  and download the publication directly here.

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