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This report builds upon the Growing food in cities report. Whereas the emphasis of Growing food in cities was very much on the potential benefits of urban agriculture, this report focuses on what the actual benefits have been, and on the feasibility of developing food growing activities further, given London's specific social, economic and environmental context.

The report begins with a general introduction to London's social, economic and natural environment and a brief analysis of its food system. This is followed by an overview of existing food growing activities in London, which includes commercial farming, allotment gardening and community based projects.

The next sections assess the current contribution that food growing activities make to London's environmental, economic, health, community and educational development and to a sustainable land use strategy. Fifteen detailed case studies of food growing projects and a number of other project summaries show how food growing projects work in practice, and illustrate the points made in the main text.

The report also contains a map, showing the spread and location of food growing activity in the capital, and a diagram showing how the various schemes, policies and existing projects could all work together to further food growing activities in any London borough. Based on this assessment the report presents a conclusion and a series of recommendations aimed at national and local policy makers.

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