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Chatham House and its new Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy

A new center has been launched as part of the wider Chatham House organisation, the Hoffman Centre ( The Centre will aim to bring clarity to complex issues through trusted evidence and insightful analysis. 

In addition to a fully interactive walk-through of present land use related challenges the launch includes a number blog-posts discussing some of the most crucial issues for a sustainable resource economy:

More articles will be published in coming weeks as the centre wants to propel this debate for a sustainable future. The Centre works to build a sustainable resource economy, in which the world’s citizens and environment thrive together now and in the future. Its mission is to accelerate the uptake of smart policies, technologies and business models that will reshape the world’s demand for resources and transform the global economy.

Take a look at the centre’s website or follow them on twitter @HoffmannCentre.

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