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Brighter Green publishes new discussion paper on fast-changing food environments and the effects on global public health

Public policy action tank Brighter Green has published a discussion paper on changing food environments and the effects on global public health. Author Judy Bankman examines the challenges created by the recent and swift adoption of a “Western”-style diet in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The paper, entitled Chronic Disease, Changing Diets, and Sustainability: The Globalization of Western-style Eating and its Implications and released on World Food Day 2017, provides five country-specific case studies (Brazil, China, Mexico, South Africa, India) to illustrate the link between diet and non-communicable diseases. It also discusses the impact of industrial agriculture on the environment. The author concludes by providing concrete proposals for policymakers, public health professionals, educators, and individuals in both the global South and global North.

Read more and download the paper here.

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