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Briefing: How TTIP undermines food safety and animal welfare

In a new briefing – “How TTIP undermines food safety and animal welfare”, Friends of the Earth Europe, Compassion in World Farming, IATP, Grain and the Center for Food Safety, says that TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is likely to restrict efforts to build healthier, fairer and more sustainable food systems on both sides of the Atlantic.

They write: “Analysis of the draft published by the EU raises a number of concerns about the impact on food safety and animal welfare. These include: the priority given to maximizing trade, the shift of power from national governments to a new trade committee, the threat to the ability of local authorities to set higher standards, the risk of minimal health and safety checks for novel foods (including GMOs, cloned animals, and nano materials), non-binding provisions for animal welfare, and the required adoption of international food standards established through the World Trade Organisation (WTO).”

Read the briefing here.  You can also read a blog-post from Eating Better where they discuss “Could TTIP threaten healthy sustainable diets?” here.

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