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Annual report Bioversity International - work on Sustainable diets

The annual report 2013 from Bioversity international contains a special discussion on “Improved nutrition through sustainable food choices”.

The sustainable diets research by Bioversity focuses on food and food systems, taking into account food diversity and how it can be produced and acquired across all seasons and under different economic circumstances.

It looks at how whole food systems (including policies and investments throughout the food value chain) can provide people with access to safe, diverse, nutritious and healthy food throughout the year and achieve the best combinations of foods to maintain good nutrition and health over the long term.


Bioversity International annual report 201, Bioversity International, Rome (2014)

Read the full annual report here and an article about Bioversity’s work on sustainable diets here.

You can find more of FCRN own materials on the topic of sustainable diets on our website. For our discussion paper: What is a sustainable healthy diet?  see here. For our report Changing what we eat: a call for research & action on widespread adoption of sustainable healthy eating see here. And for our discussion paper Changing consumption: how can we change the way we eat? see here               .

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