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Advances in food security and sustainability, Volume 4

This book, edited by David Barling and Jessica Fanzo, explores challenges related to protecting environmental resources while also meeting human nutritional requirements, covering a wide range of subjects relating to food security and sustainability.

Publisher’s summary

Advances in Food Security and Sustainability, Volume Four, takes a scientific look at the challenges, constraints and solutions necessary to maintain a healthy and accessible food supply in different communities. This ongoing series addresses a wide range of issues on food sustainability and security, with this release focusing on The Evolution of Food Security Policy in Lao PDR: Continuity and Change in the Era of the Sustainable Development Goals, Food System Resilience and Diversity, A Pliable Pillar: How the Social Dimension of Sustainability Has Been Framed in UK Public Food Policy, and much more. 



Barling, D. and Fanzo, J., 2019. Advances in Food Security and Sustainability (Vol. 4). Elsevier Academic Press, Cambridge.

Read more here. See also Advances in food security and sustainability, Vol 3, part of the same series. See also the Foodsource building block What is food security?

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