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40% of Brits ready to try insects according to new report

New data from Canadean based on a survey of 2000 individuals finds that many people in Britain are interested in trying insects and around 6% say that they would like to eat them regularly.

Rich in protein, iron and calcium and low in cholesterol – insects make a both nutritious and sustainable food source. 65 % of UK consumers are however sceptical about eating insects or to even try foods made from processed insects.  The data from the Canadean study show that the major obstacle to insect eating is palatability. Therefore it is important to focus efforts on giving consumers detailed, flavor-focused product descriptions as well as on finding positive ways of presenting and marketing insect-derived products.

Read more on the Canadean website here and read an article covering the study here.

You can find more information on insects and Entomophagy on our website here.

This study focused on the UK and the picture is likely to be similar in other developed countries.  However the eating of insects is common in many regions of the world.  If FCRN members have information or studies they can share on the role of insects in other food cultures please do get in touch.

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