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Ep24: An open-ended discussion on power in the food system

Episode summary

On 8 December 2021, TABLE hosted an open-ended discussion about power in the food system with representatives from civil society, academia, media and the private sector.  At TABLE we recognise that our own biases and perspectives will influence how we think about power in the food system so the purpose of the event is to hear a range of different views and understandings of power. This kick off event helps us think about who and what shapes, controls and influences past, present and future food systems. 

[Transcript available]

Event Panelists
  • Media: Eddy Wax - Reporter covering food and agriculture for POLITICO in Brussels.
  • Academia: Wendy Godek - Professor of Politics and International Relations with focus on Latin American food and agriculture politics
  • Civil society: Shefali Sharma - Director of Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) Europe
  • Private: Sahil Shah - Co-founder of agri-tech company Sustainable Seaweed and policy consultant
  • Moderator: Matthew Kessler, Project coordinator and Feed co-host, TABLE, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

We're curious to hear your views about power in the food system. Continue the conversation on our community platform.

You can view the original full event recording below

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