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Ep4: Sahil Shah on Scaling Seaweed

Episode summary

What role can seaweed and different technologies play in building a resilient food system? What are the potential tradeoffs when scaling these technologies? In our conversation with Sahil Shah, co-founder of Sustainable Seaweed, we examine how livelihoods might be impacted by scaling and whether marine-based solutions offer an alternative avenue for food production and climate change mitigation outside of terrestrial ecosystems.

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Music in this episode (by blue dot sessions):

Insatiable Toad by Origami
Discovery Harbor by Cloud Harbor

About Sahil Shah

Sahil Shah is a co-founder and director of Sustainable Seaweed, an agri-tech company scaling seaweed production for food security and blue carbon sinks and co-founded open-source project, the Food Systems Handbook collating, curating and summarising highly effective food security interventions for policy makers. He is also an honorary fellow at the Jahn Research Group at the University of Madison-Wisconsin and a specialist advisor at US food security nonprofit, the Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED). He participates on the Chatham House Food and Land Use round table, and has been a fellow and an Action Council Member at the Atlantic Council. 

If you'd like to get in touch with Sahil, you can reach him here:


Background reading and resources

Food Systems Handbook

Three farm bills (Sudha Narayanan)

India's farmers protest (Vox explained video)

Blue Growth Potential to Mitigate Climate Change through Seaweed Offsetting (Froelich et al., 2019)

Novo Nutrients

Solar Foods


Key terms / definitions 


Food security

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