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PhD: Sustainable nutrient management in food systems, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden


Advertiser's description (via SLU):


A key challenge for future food systems is the sustainable management of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which are drivers of agricultural productivity but also cause a range of environmental and health impacts. Take the chance to join us as PhD student doing research on this important topic!

The aim of this PhD thesis is to generate new knowledge about sustainable supply and management of nutrients in agriculture and food systems, with a particular focus on nitrogen and climate impacts. The research will be quantitative and based on multiple data sources including field experiments and agricultural statistics. The PhD student will use and develop biophysical models of nutrient flows in agri-food systems, from farm to fork, to assess how different solutions for sustainable nutrient management affect productivity and environmental impacts including eutrophication, air pollution, and climate change. Examples of such solutions include technology and improved agricultural management as well as deeper food-system changes such as crop diversification and dietary shifts. Solutions will be quantitatively assessed using methods from LCA and food systems research.  The work will build on the extensive knowledge and model structure developed within phase 1 of the research programme Mistra Food Futures ( and will include collaboration with various researchers and external organizations in the food system.

The PhD position is part of the research programme Mistra Food Futures, the largest research programme on sustainable and resilient food systems in Sweden. The programme’s vision is to be an established science-based knowledge platform, which actively works to encourage a transformation of the Swedish food system, taking a global perspective, into one that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable, resilient and that delivers healthy diets. The programme is a collaboration between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, together with other universities and partners from the Swedish food value chain, authorities and regions. As one of more than 10 PhD students in Mistra Food Futures, you will be an active member in the Mistra Food Futures' Academy, an inter- and transdisciplinary academy aimed at training the next generation of food system researchers.


You have a background in natural science or engineering. Documented knowledge in one or more of the following is valuable for the work and meritorious for the position: crop or livestock sciences, agronomy, soil science, ecology, biogeochemistry, environmental science, LCA, food science, modeling and simulation, statistics, or machine learning. You will be able to complement your previous knowledge within the doctoral programme if you lack experience in some of the mentioned areas. Good knowledge of English is required. We attach great importance to personal qualities, soft skills, and intellectual curiosity.