PhD Course: The political ecology of pandemics, University of Oslo, Norway

University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is offering a course for PhD students on the political economy of pandemics, examining the relationship between production and consumption. Key areas to be addressed include: 

(i) The relationship between food systems and pandemics.

(ii) The ways in which political ecology and the environmental humanities contribute to understandings of food production in the pandemic.

(iii) The influence of industrial food systems, particularly meat production, on local and national production strategies. Specifically focusing on the consequences for animal and human health, welfare and wellbeing.

(iv) Organisation and structure of labour in the food system and how pandemic outbreaks affect workers.

This course is suitable for individuals involved in social sciences (anthropology, sociology, political science, geography, and development studies) as well as students working within the environmental humanities. Doctoral students will be prioritised for application.

The deadline for application is 15 March 2021. Read more here.