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Job: Senior Research Associate in Sustainable Consumption (Fixed Term), University of Cambridge, UK

University of Cambridge

Advertiser's description

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) is seeking to appoint a Fellow (0.8 FTE - full-time, 18 months) in sustainable consumption under The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Programme. Funding for the Fellowship has been secured through a philanthropic donation from Sainsbury's plc but academic stewardship of the Programme lies with CISL.

The successful candidate will explore how supermarkets can enable sustainable consumption through the effective design and use environmental measures of food products (e.g. carbon footprints), drawing conclusions about how such information could impact consumer and industry behaviour.

The Fellowship builds on research conducted by Dr Emma Garnett, who previously held the title of Prince of Wales Fellow.

Current patterns of production and consumption place immense pressures on the environment and society, from climate change to pollution and obesity. Given the global reach of supermarkets' supply chains and their ability to influence how the public responds to health, wellbeing and sustainability issues, the Fellow may wish to be guided in their research by one or more of the following questions:

(i) How can supermarkets become better enablers/ accelerators of sustainable buying choices?
(ii) (How can clarity be improved on issues of concern for consumers, for example through the use of environmental footprinting data?
(iii) Is consumer information necessary to achieve a breakthrough in sustainable consumption, or are there more effective ways to achieve it?
Recognising the strategic importance of the topic, the donor (Sainsbury's) is open to providing data to inform the Fellow's research.

Read more here. Applications are open until 2 October 2022.