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Job: Researcher in Food Systems & Logistics, Wageningen, the Netherlands


Advertiser's description (via Wageningen University & Research):

At WFBR, we create sustainable solutions to provide a growing population with sufficient, healthy, nutritious, and high-quality food. Our Supply Chain Development applied research group supports industry, government agencies, public bodies, and development organizations in designing and redesigning food chains and systems by combining data with knowledge of technical and logistical innovations.

As an example, we're currently helping to integrate sustainable food supply systems in Bangladesh. The aim there is to reduce food loss and improving food security. Also, we're testing how sensor data can monitor the loss of quality of fresh produce in the European supply chain. We investigate how this data can be leveraged (with IoT) to improve product quality and sustainability.

The Role:

  • you lead and participate in research projects with a multidisciplinary team of skilful professionals and maintain close contact with the client;
  • you collect, organize, and analyse data to provide advice on supply chain and food systems for clients;
  • you translate supply chain research into practical solutions for clients;
  • you write reports for clients, scientific papers for high-impact journals, and research proposals for funding purposes.

Apply by 30 May, 2023. View the full job description here.