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Job: International Project Consultant, Home-Based or Rome, Italy

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Advertiser's description (via The World Food Programme):

The ENHANCE project (Environment, Nutrition and Health Analytics for National, Consumer and Emergency diets) envisions the use of analytics to address the challenge of achieving an affordable healthy diet whilst limiting the environmental impacts. ENHANCE aspires to be an open-access platform for data-analysts and policymakers that brings together data from different domains to compare dietary scenarios for their different impacts. Multi-objective linear optimization will allow users to explore synergies and trade-offs between cost, environmental impact, dietary preferences, and nutrient adequacy of dietary scenarios, generating evidence to inform actions and policies for food systems transformation. The solution relies on a strong data suite on the composition, cost, and environmental footprint of foods across countries and contexts. On the environmental side, the data consists of a compilation of existing data on GHGe and water footprint (green and blue) for 75 foods in 180 countries and taking into consideration land use changes and country of origin.

The four partners currently involved in the project are Capgemini, Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Zero Hunger Lab of Tilburg University (ZHL), and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Each partner brings a combination of specific subject matter knowledge, data science and/or end-user expertise and platforms, as well as specific capacity to work on the solution. 

The project is recruiting for a consultant with specific expertise in measuring and interpreting the environmental footprint of foods and diets. The position will be supporting the development of the environmental component of the ENHANCE analytical suite in areas such as data and database management, analytics, research, and capacity building. The consultant will be expected to liaise with team members at JHU, based in Baltimore (United States) and to carry this work independently, with limited supervision from the JHU and WFP team members. Consultant should ensure sufficient overlap of work hours between their location and the eastern part of the United States as well as Western Europe.

The project is looking to recruit a mid-career professional with 6+ years of experience (without PhD) on a 9 month contract.

Apply by the 14th June, for more information and to apply click here.