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Job: Food Co-op Strategy and Development Lead, London, UK & Remote

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Advertiser's description (via Wen):

We are looking for someone talented at fundraising and the strategic development of community projects, with a particular interest in cooperative models and sustainable food enterprise. This exciting piece of work aims to develop a long-term solution for Food Co-ops in Tower Hamlets, which are currently funded through the Just Food and Climate Transition Programme (Just FACT).

There are currently 3 Food Co-ops in Tower Hamlets at key community sites; St Hilda’s East Community Centre, Limehouse Town Hall and the Teviot Centre. The Food Co-ops run weekly pop-up shops to supply healthy, affordable culturally appropriate food to local communities, including fresh and nutritious fruit and vegetables.

The Co-op is a place to shop, chat and meet. It is additionally a space where people can access other projects and services, including initiatives designed to improve wellbeing, increase social networks and tackle isolation. It provides work experience, as well as training and mentoring for volunteers - the majority of whom are local women.

With the worsening cost of living crisis, more and more people are needing access to affordable food. At the same time, we need to reduce the environmental impacts of our food system and build alternatives that meet the needs of local communities. Food Co-ops are a step towards more resilient community-led local food provision in the borough.

The 3 Food Co-ops are currently solely funded through Just FACT. St Hilda’s Food Co-op funding runs until October 2023, Teviot Centre’s until January 2024, and Limehouse Town Hall’s until April 2024. A long-term funding plan is needed to maintain the projects beyond the Just FACT funding. There is a need to think about how they are sustained, so they can keep having the impact they want. This exciting new role will work closely and collaboratively with partner organisations to explore options for continuation and the long-term sustainability of the Food Co-ops. This will include both fundraising to enable continuation in the short term and exploring income generation alternatives to create a financially viable model in the longer term.

We particularly encourage applications from People of Colour, LGBTQI+ people, people with disabilities, and those who identify as working-class/ from low-income backgrounds or who have done so in the past. This is because these groups are currently underrepresented in Wen. Where two or more candidates are judged to be of equal merit, priority may be given to a candidate who belongs to a group less represented at Wen. Wen is committed to anti-racism and inclusive intersectional feminism which acknowledges how race, class and sexuality intersect with gender in our day-to-day lives. Wen is open to all genders and is actively working towards being a trans inclusive organisation.

Apply by 12 June, 2023. View the full job description here.