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Invitation to tender: Learning partner for Co-op Foundation and Co-op’s Round 2 Carbon Innovation Fund - Decreasing farmers’ reliance on soy-based feed and synthetic fertilisers

Co-op Foundation

Advertiser's description (via the Co-op Foundation)

We’re inviting evaluators, consultants and academics to tender for a new £100k learning contract as part of round two of our £3.5m Carbon Innovation Fund (CIF2). 

The successful organisation would: 

  • Contextualise our fund through a landscape analysis and evidence review  
  • Support funded partners to develop their learning questions and approaches, and build peer learning communities 
  • Support ourselves and the Co-op to explore the effectiveness of our funding approach. 

The Carbon Innovation Fund is the largest partnership of its kind between ourselves and the Co-op. It aims to reduce greenhouse emissions in the food and farming sectors, and we’ve already awarded £1.4m to 15 partners worldwide. This is helping us to build more sustainable communities, in line with our bold, new youth-led vision and ‘Building communities of the future together’ strategy. 

Round two of CIF2 opens in February 2023. It will focus on supporting partners to reduce the UK’s reliance on soy-based animal and fish feed and/or synthetic fertilisers. 


Read more here and view the full Invitation to Tender here (PDF link). Applications should be made by 5pm GMT on 29 January 2023.