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Course: Agroecology MSc with a major in Agricultural Science, SLU, Sweden


The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is offering an MSc course in Agroecology.

SLU's course description

Welcome to an international Master’s programme that gives you in-depth knowledge of the ecology of food production systems. Taking a holistic approach to the sustainability challenges of food production - how it is produced, processed and consumed - the programme is a perfect start if your goal is to work with agricultural development or research. 

Focusing on the role of agriculture, the programme covers topics such as how biological and social processes interact and influence the sustainability of farming and food systems. Using case studies and field experience the programme also covers the complexity and potential mulitfunctionality of land use, and explores interdisciplinary solutions to problems in the current food system. Studying agroecology will provide knowledge and training in integrating different perspectives and combining e.g. experiential, scientific and traditional knowledge and modern technologies in multi-actor collaborations – with the overall aim to facilitate the transition towards more sustainable food systems. 

With a Master’s degree in Agricultural Science, and possibility for specialisation in Agroecology, many doors will be open to you at the end of your two years. You will have adequate skills to become influential in non-profit organisations or expert authorities, as well as to work in a company dealing with new sustainable ways of producing food in different settings, e.g. urban farming as well as traditional and modern agriculture in rural areas. You will also be able to continue your studies towards a PhD. 


Read more here. The deadline to apply is 15 January 2022, for a September 2022 start.