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Call for Abstracts: Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy Week Research Conference

ANH academy

Advertiser's description (via ANH Academy)

The ANH Academy with co-hosts Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) invites the submission of abstracts for the Research Conference on the nexus of agriculture and food systems, nutrition and health. We welcome abstracts from all relevant disciplines, including but not limited to economics, nutrition, public health, epidemiology, environmental and climate sciences, agronomy, social and political sciences, and anthropology. We encourage submissions by researchers with backgrounds that are underrepresented in science. 

We give preference to innovative interdisciplinary research studies that explore the linkages between agriculture, food systems and nutrition and health. These studies should capture emerging debates, and contain substantive innovative, analytical content relating to nutrition/health pathways in agriculture and food systems.

Read more and apply here. Abstracts are accepted until 9 December 2022.