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What's cooking? Developing solutions to transform the current food system - UNEA-6 Official side event

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10:30-11:45am GMT

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What's cooking? Developing solutions to transform the current food system.

Globally, food systems are responsible for about 30% of current human-induced greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change while the animal products accounts for a total of 14.5 – 20% of global emissions. These are an important source of nutrition, but their production has been associated with public health risks such as zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as well as animal welfare concerns.

A recently published UNEP report titled “What’s cooking? An Assessment of the potential impacts of selected novel alternatives to conventional animal products” explores solutions to these problems. This UNEA-6 side event will bring together experts and policymakers for a dialogue focused on:

  • The impacts of unsustainable animal agriculture and its contribution to the triple planetary crises.
  • Solutions to tackle environmental impacts of food systems, specifically animal agriculture. 
  • The role of policy-making and multilateral cooperation in promoting food systems transformation, including novel meat and dairy alternatives.
  • Sector investments that promote alternatives to animal-sourced foods to trigger the necessary changes in food systems. 
  • Success stories from Member States and Stakeholders. 

The full report can be read here