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Strategies for a consumption shift: towards a more plant-based diet

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1-2pm CET

Organiser's description (via Wageningen University & Research)

Protein consumption and production shifts go hand-in-hand. When influencing consumer behavior, we often focus on the responsibility of individual consumers or on the development of innovative food products, such as meat substitutes. But is that the most impactful way? And how much can policy impact diets? After all, the choices consumers make are "free choices.” What are effective policy instruments in this regard?

In this session WUR experts will reflect on the complexity of this influence process, in order to then move on to high impact policy instruments. Socioecological models show that the process of influencing behavior is a complex interaction between various factors. At the individual level, consumers are driven by food and taste preferences. At the same time, they are influenced by many factors, from social norms, changing behavior in different social networks, the food environment to policy measures.

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