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A new model for applied environmental research? Agile Initiative Showcase

The logo for the University of Oxford's AGILE Initiative
Oxford Martin School, 34 Broad St, OX1 3BD, United Kingdom
Event date
Event time
9:30am - 6:00pm GMT

Organiser's description (via the AGILE Initiative):

How can we do more and better cutting-edge, rapid, impact-focussed research while meeting the needs of policy makers? This event will address this question, as well as showcase the current Agile sprint teams’ research.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Oxford University mobilised teams of the best researchers from different academic disciplines, working together with decision-makers, practitioners, funders, private companies and publishers. We pushed the boundaries of traditional academic research to deliver excellent research to tackle a public health emergency, and we did it fast.  

How can we do the same in response to the environmental emergencies the world is facing? This is precisely what the Agile Initiative at the Oxford Martin School was set up to do. This showcase event will explore the work of Agile, and similar efforts at Oxford, as well taking the view of key research users, and considering the broader trends facing impactful, rapid, cutting-edge research. On 22nd November we will bring together researchers and decision makers from the University of Oxford and beyond to explore the state-of-the-art and future of agile impact-focussed research.  


  • Learn about our research and early policy impacts from our  “pioneer” sprints  
  • Learn about related research efforts from across the university 
  • Hear about the challenges involved in delivering interdisciplinary, environmental science research rapidly
  • Reflect on our insights into the change needed in the funding ecosystem to enable this type of research to flourish
  • Explore upcoming trends and challenges
  • Find out more about what Agile is trying to achieve and how you can get involved 


09:30-09:45: Arrive: coffee and get seated
09:45-10:00: Introduction: Prof Patrick Grant, FREng
10:00-10:45: Keynote: Baroness Kathy Willis, CBE
10:45-11:30: Coffee and posters: learn about the Agile Sprints
11:30-13:30: Panel 1: What has been done well?

This panel will take stock of where we are at with these approaches to environmental research – what has come before, what is being done now, and what lessons we can take. They will consider successes and challenges in Agile’s work as well as research elsewhere in Oxford and beyond. Speakers: Aline Soterroni, Carlo Palazzi, Anupama Sen and Peter Barbrook-Johnson.

13:30-14:30: Lunch provided
14:30-16:30: Panel 2: What happens next?

The second panel will take a look forward, discussing exciting upcoming work, as well as the broader landscape, headwinds, and opportunities for this emerging model of environmental research. Speakers: Jessica Omukuti, John Lynch, James Robson, and Mark Hirons.

15:30-15:45: Break
16:30-17:00: Wrap-up: Prof Nathalie Seddon
17:00-18:00: Reception


This event will take place in the Lecture Theatre at the Oxford Martin School, and is wheelchair accessible. The event will not be livestreamed.