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Future Food Utrecht’s Annual Symposium

Future Food Utrecht Symposium Banner
ANTROPIA Cultuur-Congrescentrum, Landgoed de Reehorst - Driebergen
Event date
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13:00 – 18:00

Organiser's Description:


What do we see when we think about future food systems? Do the food systems of the future require revolutionary change, or are we rather talking about an evolutionary steps towards new ways of producing and consuming food? What should be the role of science and scientists in this transformation? Should scientists be activists who advocate change? Should they focus on producing the best objective, yet innovative knowledge? How should they relate to and collaborate with external stakeholders, like industry and governmental institutions? Engage in a thought provoking Future Food discussion with Giuseppe Feola (Copernicus Institute) and Miel Hostens (Veterinary Medicine), who will dive into the revolutionary and evolutionary perspectives.