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The future of animal protein – intensive, regenerative or eliminated

Event date
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11-11:50am EST

TABLE's Matthew Kessler is moderating a debate on "The future of animal protein – intensive, regenerative or eliminated" at the 2023 Tufts Nutrition Data Symposium: Sustainability Now! Action-oriented Solutions for Food Systems, Nutrition, and Diet. This symposium establishes a necessary forum where students, researchers, academics, and young professionals can share, discuss, and explore diverse opinions, experiences, and expertise on emerging topics in the fields of nutrition and public health sciences. This year, the symposium is a HYBRID symposium and FREE FOR ALL TO ATTEND

The panellists will be author Rob Percival, author of the Meat Paradox, who has written a TABLE blog here: The Politics of Disgust: What future for protein?) and Sigrid Agenäs, researcher in Animal Sciences at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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