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Field by field: scaling regenerative practices beyond pilots to wide adoption

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Online (Zoom)
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02:00 PM BST

Advancing regenerative agriculture farming has become a priority for agri-food stakeholders in an effort to mitigate some of the most pressing challenges threatening the resilience of global food systems, whilst tackling climate change. While companies have experimented with regenerative farming practices, these often remain limited to the pilot phase. 

In partnership with Vayda, a certified B Corp dedicated to boosting grower adoption of regenerative practices, this webinar explores the essential strategies needed to accelerate on-farm transformation and ensure long-term sustainable practice changes at an industry level. 

Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • What does regenerative transformation entail for growers?
  • What are the biggest obstacles for scale according to farmers? 
  • How can farmers and companies best collaborate to de-risk and scale regenerative practices?
  • How can the food and agriculture industry maximize the impact of regenerative practices? 

This discussion will be moderated by Tanya Richard, COO and Head of Stakeholder Engagement at Innovation Forum This webinar will be hosted in partnership with Vayda