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EGEA Conference: Fruit and vegetables and One Health: what contributions? Barcelona, Spain

EGEA conference
Barcelona, Spain
Event date
Event time
20-22 Sept 2023

Organiser's description

Created in 2003, the EGEA Conferences are unique international scientific events and a platform for the scientific community to share and discuss their ideas and work on healthy and sustainable diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Multidisciplinarity, scientific excellence and requirement have always cadenced the editions and conclusions of the EGEA conferences. Through these conferences, Aprifel aims to provide concrete, evidence-based recommendations for changes in practices.

Co-chaired by Pr. Elio Riboli and Dr Joel Doré, the 9th Edition will be a unique opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of these conferences, and still an important place to highlight the role of fruit and vegetables in a healthy and sustainable food system. The theme proposed by the EGEA scientific committee is: “One Health with Fruit and Veg” – an approach based on the concept that human’s health, animals’ health, and our shared environment are interconnected.

This theme is very important for Aprifel: sharing with the scientific community the determinants of a healthy and sustainable diet with fruits and vegetables and prioritizing the actions to be implemented for individuals, society and the planet are at the core of Aprifel’s daily work: 4 sessions, more than 20 speakers, oral presentations, and posters will contribute to achieve the objectives of the 9th Edition: to build a sustainable food system with Fruit and Veg.


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