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Bridging the Gap: with fruit and veg vouchers

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15:00 BST

Adapting and extending a government food subsidy scheme, such as Healthy Start, could be a relatively quick win. We will explore how our pilots can make the case for ringfencing organic fruit and vegetables from local suppliers.

Included in this theme are other voucher-based approaches, such as a fruit and veg on prescription trial that ARC are involved in, based at the Bromley by Bow Healthy Living centre, funded by Tower Hamlets Council. In Lambeth, the project works with AT Beacon a local community health organisation, with funding from Lambeth Council Public Health Team. Here vouchers are given to participants identified by NHS-funded social prescribing staff and could provide a key opportunity for those on lower incomes to receive access to organic veg, sourced through local supply chains that build community wealth.