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Assessing Risk in Agriculture: How to mobilise global capital for financing the transition

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1:00pm BST/2:00pm CEST

Organiser's description (via FARM-D):

Developing sustainable strategies and investments can contribute to the resistance of agri-food systems and support governments and practitioners in the management of agricultural risk. But what are the pathways towards a more resilient agricultural and food systems? 

On the occasion of their first collaboration FARM-D (hosted by PARM) and the Climate Bonds Initiative will co-organize a webinar exploring the mobilization of global capital for financing the transition and mitigation of agricultural risks.

The discussion with leading experts will draw on the lessons learned from assisting coutries in mainstreaming risk management practices following a holistic approach among which the funding of key sectors of the economy to align with a net-zero, resilient, and sustainable future.

The objectives of this webinar are to:

  • To create awareness and sensitize on accelerating sustainable investments by developing science-based and consensus-driven transition pathways for the agri-food system.
  • To clarify Agri risk assessment holistic methodology (social, economic and environmental).
  • To showcase the lessons learned from assisting countries in mainstreaming risk management practices into mid-term development strategies and investments

More information and webinar registration here.