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Aquaculture: A new frontier in food colonialism

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14:00-16:00 BST

Organiser's description (via the CRILS Network):

Aquaculture is often plugged as a ‘sustainable solution’ to relieving the burden of overfishing, climate change, and ecological damage on ocean life. A new report  by Feedback and a coalition of West African and Norwegian organisations, including Greenpeace Africa, reveals how the Norwegian salmon industry’s voracious appetite for wild fish is driving loss of livelihoods and malnutrition in West Africa, creating a new type of food colonialism. Their research shows that every year, nearly 2 million tonnes of wild fish are extracted from the ocean to feed Norwegian farmed salmon. 

In this CRILS Online Workshop from Amelia Cookson (Campaigner, Feedback) and Dr Aliou Ba (Ocean Campaign Lead, Greenpeace Africa) will explore the ethical and environmental impacts of the Norwegian salmon farming industry and campaigns strategies on the ground in West Africa.