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The Agroforestry Show, Eastbrook Farm, Wiltshire, UK

Agroforestry show logo, green text left of circle with green cow by green tree in green fields
Eastbrook Farm, Wiltshire, UK
Event date
Event time
6-7 September 2023

Organiser’s description (via The Agroforestry Show):

It’s time to gather to share practical ideas about integrating trees and farming.

Learn to see the wood for the trees through two days of:

  • Inspiring workshops and talks
  • Farmer and forester-led discussions
  • Agroforestry farm walks
  • Field demonstrations
  • Exhibitions and market stalls

Agroforestry has the power to improve biodiversity and soil health, cut carbon emissions and produce healthy nutritious food and sustainable timber.

Do you want to create resilient and productive farm and food systems?

Then this show is for you.

The Agroforestry Show is the first of its kind aimed at bringing together farmers, foresters, tree surgeons, growers, graziers, advisors, funders, food businesses and agroforesters!


Early bird tickets on sale until 31st May.

For information and to buy tickets click here.