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2023 Annual Conference: British Society of Soil Science with the Soil Science Society of Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland

British Society of Soil Science
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Event date
Event time
4-5 Dec 2023

Organiser's description

The British Society of Soil Science and the Soil Science Society of Ireland’s Joint Annual Conference 2023 will take place from Monday 4 – Tuesday 5 December in Belfast. The overall conference theme is Soil Management and Monitoring. The packed two-day event, set in the historic Assembly Buildings Conference Centre in the heart of Belfast, will provide delegates with a fantastic opportunity to see the latest research and developments within soil science.

The exciting and diverse programme will feature keynote speakers and experts on Monday 4 December and we invite abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations on: nutrient management, soil carbon, water management and quality, technology and innovation and soil health.

In the advent of Northern Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs soil sampling programme and the recent UK Parliamentary Soil Health Inquiry, the consideration of soil and soil management from governments has seen a recent positive surge.

Representatives from all UK nations and Ireland will take part in our keynote policy session on Tuesday 5 December (World Soil Day) which will provide an overview of the key activities being undertaken in each of the nations to monitor and manage soils at a governmental level.

Tuesday afternoon will provide an opportunity for delegates to visit field sites in Co Down, where the Northern Ireland Soil Nutrient Health Scheme combines whole-farm soil sampling with high resolution water quality monitoring to create tailored farm nutrient management plans and nutrient runoff risk maps for farmers across Northern Ireland. There will also be a cultural tour of Belfast city.

This a pivotal time to hear from experts, practitioners and policy makers about the latest developments in soil monitoring and management and engage with fellow soil scientists and policymakers across related disciplines.


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