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Plates, pyramids and planets

Plates, pyramids and planet – Developments in national healthy and sustainable dietary guidelines: a state of play assessment

FCRN Publications - Published: 19 May 2016
… have questions about the report, please contact co-author  Tara Garnett  at the FCRN. Author(s) Carlos Gonzalez Fischer Tara Garnett Publication 19 May 2016 Download report as a …
Public health benefits

Meat and dairy production & consumption: Exploring the livestock sector's contribution to the UK's greenhouse gas emissions

FCRN Publications - Published: 01 Nov 2007
… and welfare challenges these options may present. Author(s) Tara Garnett Publication 01 Nov 2007 Download working paper as a …

Environmental impacts of food: an introduction to LCA

Chapter - Published: 13 Sep 2016
… LCA This content was originally published by the Author(s): Tara Garnett Elin Röös Will Nicholson Jessica Finch Published: … Climate Research Network, University of Oxford. Written by Tara Garnett…