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Water, Energy & Food Sustainability in the Middle East

This book contains six chapters on food security and sustainability in the Middle East. The book can be purchased in its entirety or by chapter online.

The following chapters may be of interest: 

  • Soils and Food Security in the Arab World
  • Rainfed Agriculture and Food Security in Dry Areas
  • Impact of Food Losses and Waste on Food Security
  • Ensuring Food Security by Improving “Freshwater Use Efficiency” or by Farming the Seas
  • Foodborne Disease in the Middle East

From the publisher:

This book provides a survey of technologies available to tackle the problems associated with climate change in the energy, water and food security nexus with a special focus on the Middle East. It is divided into three main sections. The energy Section consists of six chapters, the water section of seven chapters and finally the food security section has six chapters. The individual chapters are authored by experts and provide discussions and in-depth views on the current status of each topic.

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