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Vertical farming: World's largest indoor vertical farm opens

A new 90,000-square-foot indoor farm called FarmedHere has recently opened in Chicago and is expected to produce 1 million pounds a year of organic greens like basil, lettuce, mint, and spinach. It is also expected that it will provide hundreds of local jobs. 

The CEO Jolanta Hardej has integrated aquaponics into the agricultural flow, which means that it is using tanks of tilapia fish to clean water and provide fertilizer for the soilless aeroponic crops.

Read more on this project on FarmedHere’s website or take a look at this article on the Mother Nature Network. 

There is also a news report from Chicago's ABC7 here.

If you are interested in urban agriculture you do have a look at the relevant FCRN Research Library page here. We also encourage you to share your ideas and information on initiatives in this field in our Forum discussion on urban agriculture.

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