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Universal Food Security

Cover of Universal Food Security by Glenn Denning depicting a mountain range.

Universal Food Security offers an accessible introduction to key areas that are driving research, investment and policy. Denning provides a well informed, partial account of how to solve global security through science led agricultural innovation. His approach sets out several key features for food system transformation: sustainable intensification, market infrastructure, postharvest stewardship, healthy diets and social protection. 


Publisher’s description:


What would it take to achieve a genuinely food-secure world—one without hunger or malnutrition, where everyone gets to consume the right quantity and quality of food to live a healthy, active, and productive life? Bringing about such a future requires transforming how our food is grown, managed, and distributed. From production to consumption, food systems must be sustainable, halting environmental degradation and even repairing the damage we have previously done.


This book provides an accessible guide to making healthy diets from sustainable food systems available to all. Glenn Denning bridges the divisive worlds of science, policy, and practice. He synthesises the most relevant literature and shares personal perspectives and insights gained over four decades working in more than fifty countries, coupled with the real-world experience of hundreds of leading experts. Universal Food Security lays out key priorities—sustainable intensification, market infrastructure, postharvest stewardship, healthy diets, and social protection—and presents how to achieve food systems transformation.


Denning identifies the education and development of practitioner-leaders as the critical trigger of change. Universal Food Security informs and inspires those leaders—acting on their own and with others through institutions—to achieve a food-secure world. This book is an ideal handbook for students and practitioners looking to transform our food systems at all levels.




Denning, G. (2023). Universal Food Security: How to End Hunger While Protecting the Planet. Columbia: Columbia University Press. 

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