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Special Issue: Linking Local Consumption to Global Impacts

This special issue of the Journal of Industrial Ecology takes a closer look at how consumption is increasingly met by global supply chains that often involve large geographical distances.

Through a series of papers, it examines the virtual shrinking of distances between places, the strengthening of connectivity between distant locations, and, at the same time, the growing separation between places of consumption and production. The overall message is that local consumption can have negative impacts on both the local and global environment, contributing to climate change, pollution, water scarcity, deforestation, and other land conversions, all of which impact important ecosystem services. Furthermore, local decisions, through these global supply chains, potentially contribute to and reinforce global inequalities and exploitation.


Special Issue: Linking Local Consumption to Global Impacts (2016), Journal of Industrial Ecology, Volume 20, Issue 3, Pages 377–666

See the special issue here and for an overview of the special issue, read this editorial. You can find the full list of contents here.

For similar resources, see the blog-post by Tara Garnett on the Telecoupling consortium which is aiming at understanding local to global social, economic and environmental food system interactions - and to aid decision making. There is also more in the research library categories on Food consumption, GHG impacts & mitigation, Trade, Imports & exports, environmental impact assessments.

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