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The sociology of food and agriculture

The sociology of food and agriculture

This book, which is being released in its third edition, offers a critical examination of the food system through the lenses of gender, ethnicity and poverty. This edition includes a new chapter on sustainable diets and ethical consumption.

Publisher’s summary

Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition of The Sociology of Food and Agriculture provides a cutting-edge, comprehensive introduction to the study of food and society.

The book begins by examining the food economy, with chapters focusing on foodscapes, the financialisation of food, and a new chapter dedicated to food and nutrition (in)security. In Part II, the book addresses community and culture. While some books only look at the interrelationships between food and culture, this section problematises the food system from the standpoint of marginalised bodies. It contains chapters focusing on agricultural and food labor and the peasantries, topics which are often overlooked, and gender, ethnicity, and poverty. Part III examines food and the environment, with chapters addressing important topics such as agro-ecosystems, food justice, sustainable food, and agriculture and food sovereignty. The final part focuses on food futures and includes a brand-new chapter on sustainable diets and ethical consumption. The book concludes by showcasing how we can rethink food production and consumption in a way that can help heal social, political, and cultural divisions. All chapters draw on international case studies and include learning objectives, suggested discussion questions, and recommendations for further reading to aid student learning.

The Sociology of Food and Agriculture is perfect for students of food studies, including food justice, food and nutrition security, sustainable diets, food sovereignty, environmental sociology, agriculture, and cultural studies.



Carolan (2021). The Sociology of Food and Agriculture, Third Edition. Routledge, Abingdon.

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