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Slides from interdisciplinary workshop available: Towards food system transparency

The workshop was carried out as part of an Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food project on consumer engagements with food governance. The Oxford Food Governance Group project aims to elucidate the emerging forms, roles, and uses of food-related information and communication technologies (ICT) at the consumer level, and how they might shape the EU food governance landscape in years to come.

The website includes sides from the presentations by Christel Schaldemose (Member of the European Parliament) and her presentation on “Food system transparency: a policy perspective”, Tara Garnett (Convenor, Food Climate Research Network, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford) “Food system transparency: an environment-focused perspective”, Daniel Michels (WikiProducts) “WikiProducts: a participatory approach to food transparency” and lastly slides from Erinch Sahan (Private Sector Policy Advisor, Oxfam) on “Transparency by global food brands: what they disclose about how they source from the global south”.

For more information and to download the slides, please see this website.

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