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Saving food - book on food waste

This book, edited by Charis Galanakis, describes many different aspects of saving food and food security throughout the supply chain, including raising awareness, redistribution, policy, food conservation, cold chain, supply chain management, and waste reduction and recovery.

Publisher’s summary

Saving Food: Production, Supply Chain, Food Waste and Food Consumption presents the latest developments related to food loss and food waste and the actions the industry can take to save food. Emphasis is placed on global food losses and food waste, environmental impacts of food consumption and wasted food, wasted nutrients, raising awareness via collaborative networks and actions, the effect of food governance and policy in food losses, promotion of sustainable food consumption, food redistribution, optimizing agricultural practices, the concept of zero waste, food security and sustainable land management, optimizing food supply and cold chains, food safety in supply chain management, non-thermal food processing/preservation technologies, food waste prevention/reduction, food waste valorisation and recovery.

Intended to be a guide for all segments of the food industry aiming to adapt or further develop zero waste strategies, Saving Food: Production, Supply Chain, Food Waste and Food Consumption analyzes the problem of food waste from every angle and provides critical information on how to minimize waste.



Galanakis, C. (ed.), 2019. Saving Food: Production, Supply Chain, Food Waste and Food Consumption. 1st Edition. Elsevier Academic Press, Cambridge.

For more details, see here. See also the Foodsource resource How are food losses and waste an environmental concern?

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